17 Relatable Thanksgiving 2022 Memes That Will Save You From Awkward Table Talk

You might be tired of the usual turkey jokes that always pop up in Thanksgiving conversation, but here are some of Twitter’s funniest memes that you can most relate to in 2022.

The annual holiday is here and the celebration couldn’t be complete without a burst of good laughter, delicious food and of course some sarcastic jokes that make any family reunion.

Although we like to start a conversation at the dinner table to stay true to the old tradition, nowadays people are starting to express their anticipation for the holiday much earlier by sharing Thanksgiving related memes and GIFs.

And we totally understand if you’re shy or just have little to talk about while you devour your share of turkey. So you might rather use the memes we have below to make the silence more awkward while you enjoy your dessert in peace.

The Polar Express | follower



The Polar Express | follower






17 Funny Thanksgiving Memes to Share in 2022

Who does not?

The holiday is incomplete without the reference from Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving to you too..

And another!

Dance to your heart’s content on Turkey Day

If we could use a long nap!

It’s pretty unfortunate

When you gobble too much and can’t wiggle!

We feel your pain…

We’re ready for the party!

Do you already have your Thanksgiving pants on?

For all the introverts out there…

Enjoy the time with the family!

Greet the bank holiday weekend like…

A virtual toast is good enough.

In other news: Is the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 25th, a bank holiday?


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