6 PS1 games with the best cutscenes

The Playstation 1 might not look particularly good for modern gamers considering how far the industry has come in a quarter century since its release. However, in terms of the story told and the designs used, there are still some PS1 games that hold up incredibly well today when it comes to the quality of the cutscenes used between levels.

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From the many great Square games that predated the company’s merger with Enix to produce some highly memorable PS1-era cutscenes and games, to games that are more forgotten but just as impressively animated for the time , there are many PS1 games that have nice cut scenes and deserve to be revisited today.


An image of Metal Gear Solid

An easy choice for one of the best video games of the PS1 era in general, Solid metal gear took the already beloved metal gears franchise to the 3-D animation format and made huge leaps along the way. For sheer cinematic presentation of a game, it’s hard to beat Solid metal gear In this era.

It wasn’t just the graphics that helped Metal Gear Solids Story and cutscenes made such a big splash at the time and in the history of gaming ever since. The story surrounding Snake’s infiltration of the nuclear weapons facility and the intriguing characters within was taken to another level through the cutscenes, all created with the in-game engine.

An image from Twisted Metal 4

A somewhat surprising choice from a very surprising source, the vehicle-based combat of the Bent metal Games weren’t loved by critics until they started circulating around the corner Twisted metal 4. Still not considered an overall masterpiece of gaming, the cutscenes helped elevate this game beyond where most fans expected it to be.

For a game that was mostly demolition derby with projectiles, Twisted metal 4 surprised many with the final cutscenes. There were multiple endings to the game, and each provided one of several scenes, all of which were beautifully put together. While the graphics of these scenes are showing their age, they were worth exploring and helped make this entry in the franchise perhaps the most memorable of all.

3/6 Final Fantasy VII

An image from Final Fantasy VII

It’s easy to talk about final fantasy when it comes to cutscenes. The rise of history in general in the history of video games will always lead back to the classic final fantasy games. Some consider Final Fantasy VII being the greatest of the series, in large part due to the focus on the story and the incredible scenes put together to tell it.

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Although the modern remake offers updated graphics for these scenes, nothing will beat the original feeling of playing a game that told this great story for the very first time, when such great, stirring stories so beautifully told were almost unknown in gaming . It wasn’t even something game developers aspired to before Final Fantasy VII.

4/6 The Legend of the Dragoon

An image from the Legend of Dragon

While The Legend of the Dragoon was compared unfavorably with that final fantasy Number of critics there are still many great things about this classic game. The game takes place in a world called Endiness and features a group of warriors trying to stop the end of their world. The game was known at the time to be hugely expensive due to the use of realistic CGI cutscenes.

Combined with a solid story and amazing graphics for a PS1 game, The Legend of the Dragoon has received much praise. It’s also garnered a cult following over the years for taking the plunge into really caring about the appearance of its cutscenes.

5/6 Resident Evil 2

A poster for Resident Evil 2

Praised to the extent that it was eventually brought back in a full-scale remake, Resident Evil 2 is a memorable game that lifted the franchise in a way that has kept it massive with each subsequent release since, culminating in the incredibly popular latest entry, Resident Evil Village.

The story of Leon and Claire is fascinating because it is completely different for each player character and because the other characters and the assembled scenes are excellently written and voiced. While most players will now use the game’s popular remake to experience the story, the cutscenes were already a triumph that told an excellent story in the original.

6/6 vagabond story

An image from the Vagrant Story

With an army of iconic fans keeping this game alive and making it one of the best PS1 games of all time, vagabond story was developed by the team behind it Final Fantasy Tactics and is considered by many to be a final fantasy Game in everything but the name. While this has prevented it from being remembered as well as it deserves, the game is still a triumph.

Set in the fictional town of Lea Monde, vagabond story follows Ashley Riot, an elite agent as she tries to solve a mystery involving a cult leader and senior MPs. The game was highly praised for its unique RPG style, which has no player interaction with other characters and focuses on weapon creation. The cutscenes throughout the game are beautiful and well appreciated for their comic book style art and speech bubbles.

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