C-Capture wins award for ‘next generation’ CO2 capture technology.

UK-based carbon dioxide (CO2) capture specialist, C-Capture, has been recognized for its “unique and innovative” carbon capture technology at the IChemE Global Awards 2022, held on 17th June 2022th November.

After winning the trophy in the Energy category of the international award, C-Capture won the award for outstanding achievement in efficient use of energy or the development of energy production methods that reduce energy intensity.

C-Capture uses solvent-based technology to remove CO2 from post-combustion emissions. The technology can be used in most processes that require CO2 capture from other gases, including power stations, cement works and hydrogen production plants, and is currently being used in a major project funded by the UK Government’s Department of Economic Affairs to capture CO2 from biomass. Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

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C-Capture’s technology is considered “fundamentally different” from commercially available amine technologies and features high tolerance to contaminants in industrial flue gases, including oxygen, sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides.

The technology’s decarbonization potential, which is suitable for “hard-to-reduce” industries such as cement, glass and waste incineration, also made the company shortlisted in the “Sustainability” category, which recognizes excellence in sourcing and consumption materials, waste reduction and /or optimization of product life cycles.

CEO Tom White called the win a “fantastic recognition” for the C-Capture team and their technology, adding: “The IChemE Global Awards represent the pinnacle of excellence in chemical engineering, this achievement is a testament to our exceptional team and his commitment to accelerating global adoption of carbon capture and storage to achieve net zero by preventing greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere.”

The winners and finalists of the global competition came from countries such as the USA, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Serbia, Germany, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

The IChemE awards were established in 1994 and are widely regarded as the world’s most prestigious chemical engineering awards.

Commenting on the event, IChemE President David Bogle said he welcomed the focus on sustainability across all award categories, “which clearly demonstrates how chemical engineers are already helping to address some of society’s biggest challenges.”

“Congratulations to all of our winners. We hope their achievements will inspire organizations, teams and individuals to make further advances as chemical engineers will be critical in delivering future solutions.”


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