Errors confirmed when downloading Sky Q and Sky+ HD boxes

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As part of the Sky group, Sky Q is a subscription-based TV service. The British company operates in a number of countries such as Germany, Ireland, Italy, Austria and the UK.

Sky Q combines traditional television with on-demand services and multiple third-party services. As of July 2018, Sky Q reported that they have over 3.6 million customers.

Sky Q

Subscribers can download their favorite shows with the set-top box and even watch them on the go with the dedicated mobile applications.

But like any other on-demand service, users encounter some technical glitches that sometimes make the service unusable.

And after recent reports, many say they have problems downloading programs. People say when they try to download a program on their Sky Q and Sky+ Hd boxes they get a download error.

The problem appears to be affecting both third-party broadband users and those on the Sky network. Customers reported trying to restart their boxes, with some even resetting them, but the problem persists.

Sky-Q download failed

I recently joined Sky and was gifted a free movie to buy and keep. I chose and purchased the Dark Knight and it is now in my Purchased section in Recordings. However, when I’ve tried to download multiple times, I keep getting a message at the top of my screen stating that there was an error downloading due to a technical issue. Please try again later. I tried it several times later and the same message keeps coming up. I’ve tried restarting the Sky Box and my Wi-Fi router with no change and my storage is almost empty too so that can’t be a problem either. What should I do?

Every program I try to download comes back with a failed download. I got on the phone with one of your team members and like I said they put it in the basket, but is there anything else that can be done while this is going on? for some time

Luckily, a Sky employee has spotted the problem and shared a workaround for Sky Q and Sky+ HD customers who are facing the “Download failed” error, which involves downloading the content using the Sky Go app.

However, they didn’t share a timeframe for when Sky Q users will be able to download their favorite programs.

Hello everyone,
We are aware that we are having issues with our Sky Q and Sky+ HD boxes as customers are reporting intermittent failed downloads of on-demand content. It has been reported that this is happening to both customers using third party broadband and our own Sky Broadband customers.
We are aware that this will cause inconvenience to all of you, especially at this time of year, and we want to reassure everyone that the relevant teams are working hard to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we ask that you do not change DNS settings and, as a temporary solution, download your content to your box via the Sky Go app.
I asked some users in this thread for help while we test different scenarios. If you would like to get involved, you can let me know below.
I’m really sorry for the inconvenience this causes.

Apple TV not loading

Download error aside, Sky Q and Sky+ HD users say the Apple TV app is glued to the Apple TV logo.

@SkyHelpTeam can you tell me why the Apple TV app isn’t working?

@SkyHelpTeam Why isn’t the Apple TV app working?

Luckily, a Sky employee shared a workaround that might help fix the problem.

Hello everyone,
Sorry for not updating sooner as suggested by @louise178, we are aware of an issue where the app gets stuck on the Apple TV logo which we are currently investigating.
Temporary workarounds:
For Sky Q boxes, resetting the settings can help.
Home > Highlight Settings > Press > 0, 0, 1 Select on the remote control > Reset > Reset settings

As always, we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update this article if Sky fixes the above issues, so stay tuned for updates.

Update 1 (January 11, 2022)

1:17 p.m. (ACTUAL): Here is another workaround that you can try if you are still bothered by Apple TV charging issue.

– Press Home

– Go to settings, but don’t press the select button

– Press 0 0 1 select

– Go to reset

– Go to reset settings

– Press and confirm selection

– After the box has restarted, you need to turn it on using the button on the front panel

– Now only Peacock is shown on the app rail, but now when you update the apps by pressing the home button

– Go to settings but don’t press the select button

– Press 0 0 1 select

– Go to Applications

– Move to update apps

– All apps are displayed on the start page again

– If you select Apple Plus, it should now load for you to sign in or sign in (source)

Update 2 (November 17, 2022)

3:39 p.m. (ACTUAL): Many Sky Q and Sky+ HD users have reported on Twitter that they are again having trouble downloading content on their devices.

According to reports, users are getting a “Technical Fault” error when trying to download anything.

@SkyHelpTeam Do you know any issues that cause broadcasts not downloading? Keep trying to download an available show I’ve been watching all week and it now says the download failed. Many Thanks (source)

@SkyHelpTeam can you tell me why I still can’t download Sky programs on Sky Q Box (source)

@SkyHelpTeam can’t download programs says failed technical error, I’m connected to the internet and can I stream other apps through Sky? (source)

Fortunately, the company’s support team has confirmed that they are aware of the issue and are currently working on a fix.

We are aware of the broader issue affecting Sky Q downloads and our team is working to fix it as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. (source)

Update 3 (November 18, 2022)

11:30 a.m. (ACTUAL): Sky’s support team has confirmed that users may face problems when trying to download content on their Sky Q and Sky+ boxes.

The team is currently investigating the issue. However, they did not share an ETA for the fix.

Update: download problems
Some customers may experience a technical error when attempting to download content to their Sky Q and Sky+ boxes. Support teams continue to investigate this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Update 4 (November 21, 2022)

1:36 p.m. (ACTUAL): SkyHelpTeam on Twitter has confirmed that the recent issue where users were receiving a “Download Failed” error has now been resolved.

Hi. Thanks for the tweet. This was a known issue but we had reports saying it was fixed this morning. Have you tried restarting the sky box? Thanks Matthew (source)

Update 5 (November 23, 2022)

4:08 p.m. (ACTUAL): Although Sky support team previously stated that the issue has been fixed, there are still users dealing with it.

@SkyHelpTeam can’t download Tulsa King or Yellowstone on Sky+HD box today 🤔 and the description says dummy why?

@skytv can you tell me why I can’t download the latest episode of Yellowstone and Tulsa King.
I know there is no problem with my sky box because I have no problems with other channels. Paramount+ only

In light of the reports, Sky’s support team confirmed that the issue persists and is being investigated.

Thank you for the confirmation. This is a known issue that our teams are currently investigating. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you Louise

Update 6 (November 24, 2022)

1:52 p.m. (ACTUAL): Some users are now reporting that they cannot download the Class of 92 series. Luckily, the support team has recognized this issue and said they are working on a fix.

Hey Paddy 👋 I’m sorry to hear that. Most downloads are now back up and working again, although we know some still don’t work, the Class 92 is on this list and our teams are working to get these back up as soon as possible. Thank you Ross (source)

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Selected image source: Sky

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