Fans are backing Logan after he defended himself against Kate’s Bachelor in Paradise reunion comments

Bachelors in paradise Season 8 aired the final episode of its final episode on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The two-hour episode saw most of the cast reunite for a dramatic reunion with host Jesse Palmer to discuss everything that happened during the season, including love, relationships, breakups, fights and the drama. While some confronted their issues, others provided updates about their lives after leaving the show.

In the last episode of Bachelors in paradise, Logan spoke out against Kate’s comments that he does not have an established career and is not ready for a serious partnership. He confronted her with her comments and fans immediately backed him. One tweeted:

Logan handled it amazingly well 👏🏽👏🏽 He’s definitely become the bigger, more respectable person in this situation #BachelorInParadise

The official synopsis of the episode reads:

“It’s a night of shocking confessions, surprises and special guests as the cast reunites for the first time since Paradise to rehash some of the most dramatic moments of this season.”

The summary continues:

“Having addressed the controversy of Split Week and the most turbulent love triangles on the beach, Jesse Palmer offers a look back at the remaining couples’ final days in paradise. Will their travels end with an engagement or a heartbreak? And where are they today? Everything will be revealed at the season finale.”

Logan addresses Kate’s comments Bachelors in paradise

In tonight’s highly anticipated reunion episode Bachelors in paradise, it was time for Kate to address her comments about Logan. While the Split Week twist was difficult for all cast members due to the absence of the original wives, the former couple immediately bonded. However, Kate’s comments about Logan’s lack of a career and more were aired publicly tonight.

Although Logan had already seen it when the show aired on TV, he was visibly hurt by Kate’s comments. She called the bachelor a “boy,” slammed him for driving an orange Honda, not having a career, or for walking his dog. Kate received significant criticism from fans for her comments about Logan.

After this Bachelors in paradise had to watch the same thing in the reunion episode, Kate wanted to clarify her stance. The star revealed that she didn’t want Logan to hear all of the comments and that her concerns should have come across by now, but it was all symbolic of the fact that Logan wasn’t ready for “the kind of serious partnership I’m looking for.”

Logan responded by offering an insight into his journey, revealing that he had nothing but a car when he moved to California four years ago and built his life from there. He further said:

“I wanted to have a film career. I was a scuba diving instructor for a while, I walked dogs to make ends meet, I did what I could for a full year… and ended up building an amazing career with a camera. And I’m so proud of that and it took a long time.”

That Bachelors in paradise Star then went on to say that he opened up to Kate about the same, but she made fun of him. Logan further said:

“And she tried to humiliate me for it in front of her friends, you know? And everyone clucks. Yes it revealed a lot, I wish you would have told me, it would have clarified a lot of things and I would have been able to explore other things. And it would have really shown who you are, I think.”

Fans stand up in support of Logan after his defense Bachelors in paradise

Fans sided with Logan on social media and applauded him for speaking out against Kate’s comments. Check out what they have to say.

Logan isn’t my favorite but Kate deserved every harsh word he said. Everyone. 👏 Damn. 👏 Word. 👏#BachelorInParadise

Logan told Kate she made fun of his career, said exactly who she is… damn it, yes it does. She totally wasted his time. And mine too honest. #BachelorInParadise

Kate tried to shame Logan and it’s all that flies in her face again. #BachelorInParadise

Regardless of whether they wore microphones or not, no one should talk about anyone the way Kate talked about Logan. It’s even worse that she did it so brazenly on TV and is still trying to apologize. The way she treated him was wrong. #bachelor paradise

Props to Logan. Drop the mic on Kate…no, literally drop it on her…please! #BachelorInParadise

Honestly so proud of Logan for standing up for himself! He deserves better! #bachelor paradise

I’m so glad Logan got Kate right! No, you were acting like a gold digger! #BachelorInParadise

I’m glad Logan spoke to Kate and that he was able to do it in a respectful manner. How did I become a Logan fan? #BachelorInParadise

Season 8 of Bachelors in paradise was one of the most dramatic seasons the franchise had ever seen. The performers had the experience of a lifetime and while some of them found the love they were looking for, others were left with many realizations about themselves and the kind of partner they wanted.

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