How to backup and restore deleted Minecraft worlds

Minecraft is only as endless as your creativity. There is a possibility of spending hundreds or even thousands of hours working on your Minecraft world, building villages and setting them up with proper protection. So after spending so long protecting your home and assets in Minecraft, why not protect your Minecraft world yourself?

Losing your Minecraft world through a corrupted file or even accidental deletion would be tragic to say the least. But as long as you have backed up your files before, there is a way to get your deleted Minecraft world back.

How to save a Minecraft world

The first step in protecting your Minecraft world is to secure it. This way you can reinstall a previous or even current version of your Minecraft world if something goes wrong. If you have never backed up your world, unfortunately there is no way to restore it.


There are several ways to back up your Minecraft world depending on what system you play it on.

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If you play Minecraft on a console like PS5 or Xbox, your data should be saved to the cloud automatically. If you’re not sure if your PS5 is set up for this, follow our guide to backing up your PS5 data.

If you’re playing Minecraft on a mobile device, the only way to back up your world is to back up your device yourself. Follow our guides on backing up your iPhone or backing up your Android device for help.

If you play Minecraft on a PC, follow the instructions below to back up your Minecraft world:

  1. Press the window key and the I button to open your settings.
  2. Go to Updates & Security.
  3. Choose fuse from the menu.
  4. Choose Add a drive and select your desired location.
  5. Press More options and Secure now.
  6. Check the list below Backup these folders to ensure your Minecraft data is included. If not, press add folder to select it.
    Add the Minecraft folder by pressing Add Folder

Your computer should now automatically back up your selected files.

Make a copy of your Minecraft world

You can also make a copy of your Minecraft world in another save file. This protects you if you accidentally delete your first one or even if your original file gets corrupted. This method also works regardless of what system you are playing on.

Making a copy of your world is by far the easiest way to back it up, but it’s not the most reliable. Because if you delete Minecraft yourself, the copied file goes with it and can no longer be retrieved.

Follow the instructions below to create a copy of your Minecraft world:

  1. Find the world you want to copy on the loading screen.
  2. Open game settings.
  3. Choose copy world.
    Open Minecraft World Settings and select Copy World

This process can take from a few seconds to several minutes depending on how much work you have done in your Minecraft world.

How to recover a deleted Minecraft world

Now that you’ve secured your Minecraft world, it’s easier to rest. If something would happen to it, you could retrieve your Minecraft world and continue crafting.

Restoring your Minecraft world to console or mobile is as easy as retrieving your backed up data from the cloud. Getting your Minecraft world on a PC is a little trickier. Here’s how:

  1. open that beginning menu and enter To run.
  2. Type %Application Data% in the Open field and press Enter.
  3. Scroll down until you find yours .Minecraft folder.
  4. Right click on the .Minecraft folder and select Characteristics.
  5. Navigate to previous versions Tab.
    Open the properties of your Minecraft folder and open the tab
  6. Here you should see a list of your deleted folders. Find the right one and choose it Restore bottom right.

Your Minecraft world should now be restored. These instructions work for Bedrock or Java versions.

Keep your Minecraft world safe by securing it

Losing all progress in a game can be extremely unfortunate. But with a game like Minecraft where you could easily spend years using the same save file, losing it could be devastating.

There is no way to get your Minecraft world if you haven’t backed it up first. So make sure you protect your Minecraft world by backing up your world data before it’s too late.


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