How to delete a BeReal post

BeReal posts are meant to represent you for who you are, but sometimes that level of authenticity is just too awkward to post. Sometimes the app’s automatic selfie capture takes a selfie that’s just too goofy to share with your friends.

Or maybe you’d just rather snap a photo of something else for today’s BeReal prompt. In any case, if you’re unhappy with a BeReal post you just published, don’t worry. You can delete it. And we’ll show you how. We’ll explain what you need to know about deleting BeReal posts, then walk you through how to properly delete a BeReal post step-by-step.

Things to know before deleting a BeReal post

Although deleting a BeReal post is a fairly simple process, there are a few things you should know about deleting posts before you do it:

  • There are limits on the number of times you can delete a BeReal post. Based on what we’ve seen in the Android version of the app, you only get one chance to delete a BeReal post and take the photo again.
  • You can still delete the replay, but you are not allowed to post another BeReal post until you receive the push notification for the next daily post.
  • Deleting a BeReal post doesn’t just delete it from the feed. It will also be removed from your Reminders section.
  • If you delete your BeReal post, you must post another before you can view public posts in Discovery.

How to delete a BeReal post: Android and iOS

Although there are slight differences between Android and iOS when it comes to deleting BeReal posts, the instructions below should work for both as we have found all the differences between the two platforms in the steps below.

(The screenshots in this article are from an Android device.)

Step 1: Open the BeReal you want to delete, then select the Three points icon in the top right corner of your screen.

(For iOS users: you also choose one Three points icon, but this icon should be under your BeReal.)

Selecting the Delete my BeReal menu option on Android.


Step 2: Choose from the menu that appears Delete my BeReal.

(For iOS: select options > Delete my BeReal.)

Select a reason for deleting a BeReal post on Android.


Step 3: For both Android and iOS: You will be presented with a screen where you must choose a reason for deleting your BeReal post. Then choose Yes I am sure.

Then choose Extinguish to complete the process.

The last delete button to delete BeReal posts on Android.


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