How to find the wrong Dragon Titan in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

when you play Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, you know that one of your three main tasks in the game is to find and defeat five Titan Pokémon. The last thing most people will encounter – since these are open-world games, you can technically find the Titan Pokemon in any order – is the False Dragon Titan.

It is by far the most difficult Titan Pokémon to battle. It took one awkward Time to find the Fake Dragon Titan.

At the start of the game, the location for all four Titan Pokémon is plotted on your map. The previous four Titan Pokemon are where the map says they will be, but the False Dragon Titan is a little more complicated. If you go to the small island in Lake Casseroya where the map says the fake Dragon Titan is, you’ll find a trainer to fight, a few Tatsugiri Pokemon, and not much else.

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Map showing the location of the fake Dragon Titan

This is where the map tells you that the False Dragon Titan is located.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Riding in an empty field

But not much happens at this point.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

At the edge of a lake

One of the tatsugiri is not like the others.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Well, one of these tatsugiri isn’t like the others. If you go to the north-east edge of the island, you will see a Tatsugiri that is slightly larger than the others. When you approach him, a “Titaaan!” Speech bubble. Once you interact with it, a giant Dondozo will appear from behind the Tatsugiri and start a fight with the real Dragon Titan.

Once you defeat it, it will swim to the shore in the middle of the island in the middle of Lake Casseroya. Like the Titan Pokémon before it, the Dondozo will punch a hole in the wall, eat a Herba Mystica, and fight you again, although this time you have Arven’s help. After defeating it, you must also fight Tatsugiri.

“Maybe the Titan was both these Pokemon together?” Arven argues, “like some sort of combo meal.”

When that’s all done, Arven will cook and make a sandwich with the Herba Mystica, and a new ability will be granted to your Koraidon or Miraidon. If this is your fifth Titan Pokémon defeated, your Legendary can now climb walls and cliffs.

Titan Pokémon appear

Once you interact with the fake Dragon Titan, the real Titan Pokémon will appear behind it.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom

Dodonzo swims to shore

After defeating him, the Dodonzo will swim to this shore in the middle of the central island of Lake Casseroya.

Nintendo/Screenshot by Daniel Van Boom


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