How to reset your PS5 DualSense controller

If you’re having trouble using your PS5 controller, a soft or hard reset can get it working properly again. Factory resetting your controller will disconnect it from the console and reset it to default settings.

We will show you how to factory reset the PS5 controller. You’ll also learn how to troubleshoot controller issues on your console.

How to perform a soft reset on your PS5 DualSense controller

Turning your DualSense controller off and on again is a soft reset. If your controller is slow, unresponsive, or freezing, a soft reset may fix the problem.

Press the PS button on the controller to open the console’s Controller Center. Choose controller icon in the Control Center menu and select DualSense wireless controller. Choose Turn off to turn off the controller. Wait 10-15 seconds and press the PS button to turn on the controller.

Alternatively go to settings > Accesories > General > Turn off accessories and select the controller you want to turn off.

Another way to turn off your DualSense controller is to press and hold the button PS5 button for at least 10 seconds.

Wait another 10 seconds after the LED light turns off and press the PS button again to turn on the controller. Perform a hard reset if your PS5 DualSense controller isn’t working after a soft reset.

PS5 controller hard reset

Does your PS5 DualSense controller disconnect from the console often? Won’t pair or connect to your console? Does the battery life suddenly deteriorate? Are some components (buttons, LED light or speakers) defective? A hard reset can fix these important issues.

Turn off your PlayStation 5 before hard resetting the DualSense controller. Press and hold on the console power switch until you hear two beeps. Wait ten seconds for the console to shut down before hard resetting your controller.

There is a physical reset button on the back of all DualSense wireless controllers. The button isn’t visible as it’s in a small hole on the back of the controller – next to the SONY logo.

Push a pen, SIM eject tool, straightened paperclip, or other small tool into the hole for 3-5 seconds. You should hear a click as you push the button into the hole. Remove the tool, turn on your PlayStation 5, and pair the controller with the console again.

Pair the PS5 DualSense Controller with a cable

Connect the controller to your PS5 with the included USB-C cable and press the PS button on the controller.

Your console should recognize the controller immediately. Try a different USB cable if your console doesn’t recognize the controller. If the controller is low, allow it to charge for a few minutes before unplugging the USB-C cable.

Pair the PS5 DualSense Controller wirelessly

You can pair the DualSense controller wirelessly if you don’t have a USB cable. To do this, you need an additional controller that is already paired with the console. After resetting the controller, turn on your PS5 and follow the steps below.

  1. Select the gear icon on your PS5 home screen, go to Accesories > Generaland choose Bluetooth accessories.
  1. Hold down the Create and PS buttons on the controller you just reset. This will put the controller into wireless pairing mode – the controller will start flashing a blue light.
  1. Use the additional controller to select the new controller in the Found Accessories section.
  1. Choose Yes in the confirmation popup to register the controller and pair it with your console.

Update the DualSense wireless controller

Updating your controller’s firmware can improve its performance, fix Bluetooth connectivity issues, and fix transient glitches. You can update the controller from your PS5 settings menu or your computer.

Update the DualSense controller via the PS5 settings menu

Connect your PS5 to a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network, go to settings > Accesories > Controllers (General)and choose Wireless Controller Device Software.

Your console will download and install the update if a new firmware version is available for your controller. Otherwise you will get the message “The latest version of the device software for the DualSense wireless controller is already installed”.

Update the DualSense controller via the PS5 settings menu

SONY has a dedicated app for updating DualSense wireless controllers on a 64-bit Windows PC. If your controller won’t pair with the PS5 console, update its firmware from your computer. Connect your PC to the internet and follow the steps below.

  1. Download and install the firmware updater for the DualSense wireless controller app on your Windows PC.
  1. Launch the app and connect the DualSense controller to your PC’s USB port using a USB-C cable.
  1. The app should immediately update your PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller.

Update your PlayStation 5

Update your PlayStation 5 software if your controller isn’t working after a factory reset.

Go to settings > system > system software > Update and settings of the system software and > Update system software and select Updates via the Internet.

Repair the controller or get a new one

You probably have a faulty controller if a hard reset and firmware update doesn’t fix the problem. Contact PlayStation Support or send the controller to the PlayStation Service Repair Center for repair. If your console is still under warranty, SONY may replace your controller if it has a factory defect. Buy a new DualSense controller from Amazon or PlayStation Store if your warranty doesn’t cover the damage.


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