Is the new Netflix Christmas movie worth it?

Christmas at the mistletoe farmthe highly engrossing Christmas family film made its debut on Wednesday, November 23, 2022 exclusively on Netflix.

The Christmas special was written and directed by Debbie Isitt. Hannah Perks served as executive producer on the film, while Nick Jones served as producer Christmas at the mistletoe farm.

Sean Van Hales served as cinematographer for the all-new Christmas movie, while Nicky Ager provided the music Christmas at the mistletoe farm, along with the film’s writer and director, Debbie Isitt. The official Netflix synopsis for the film states:

“After inheriting a farm at Christmas time, a widowed father adjusts happily to village life – while his children make plans to stay there forever.”

The film tells the story of a single father named Matt Cunningham who recently lost his wife. He has five young children named Rosie, Lily, Charlie, Buster and Violet. In it, Matt visits a rural area called Cobbledon to stay on the farm his father left him. A new exciting adventure unfolds when the Cunninghams start living on Mistletoe Farm.

Without further delay, let’s jump right in to find out how the latest Netflix Christmas movie turned out.

A look back at Netflix Christmas at the mistletoe farm

A light-hearted family film, perfect for the holiday season

I’m happy to share the trailer for my latest film CHRISTMAS ON MISTLETOE FARM exclusively for NETFLIX out November 23rd 🎄 I loved making this film with such wonderful people and animals #Netflix #COMF

Debbie Isitt did a great job creating a heart-melting festive atmosphere throughout the film. Without a shadow of a doubt Christmas at the mistletoe farm is steeped in Christmas cheer and brings everything we love about the holiday season to the screen.

The film also delves deep into the bond between a father and his children. It shows how difficult it can be for a father to raise children without their mother. The presentation also highlights the role of community in children’s lives and the importance of learning from real-life situations.

The film will melt the hearts of viewers, especially the younger ones. Consequently, Christmas at the mistletoe farm goes perfectly with a winter evening wear with the family.

Wonderful cinematography elevates the film

A still from Christmas at the Mistletoe Farm (Image via Netflix)
A still from Christmas at the Mistletoe Farm (Image via Netflix)

The most appealing thing about Netflix’s latest Christmas movie is its incredible cinematography. The film’s cinematographer, Sean Van Hales, did an excellent job of capturing the enchanting beauty of the landscape.

Shot on bright green farms in the West Midlands of the UK, the film’s beautiful setting is a massive highlight and takes things to another level.

The way the cameraman captured the scenes, including the one where the kids ride their bikes down the country lane, or the one where the animals roam free after Matt forgot to close the yard gate, is absolute stunning to look at. Therefore, the cinematography definitely elevated the film.

Promising acting performances by the main actors

Actor Scott Garnham who portrays the main character Matt Cunningham Christmas at the mistletoe farm stands in the foreground and center of the film. He did a great job of delving deep into the character and bringing the right amount of emotional feeling to the screen.

His character struggles to find the right balance between his professional and family life. The actor successfully shows it on the screen. It is very moving to witness the challenges Matt faces raising five children on his own while managing office work.

Another important character in the film is Beano, the farm hand. The character is played by actor Scott Paige. It’s safe to say that her performance in the film is one of the greatest highlights of Christmas at the mistletoe farm. His character is thoroughly entertaining and hilarious.

Scott Paige charmingly entertains the audience from beginning to end of the film. Scenes like the one where Beano, along with other villagers, sends away the developers who arrive at the farm to buy from Matt, or the one where he goes to town to correct his mistakes that cause Matt loses his job are pretty impressive. So Scott Paige did a great job in the film.

Other actors in the cast include Kathryn Drysdale, Delilah O’Riordan, Madison Davis, Evan Scott, Dexter Sol Ansell, Faith Delaney, Ashley Jensen, and a few others. They all did a good job on the overall success of the film.

Don’t forget to catch Christmas at the mistletoe farmcurrently streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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