Mission CISD-Sport – New turf and nets for fields – progress times

Mission CISD soccer fields are one step closer to new turf. At the November 9 Board of Trustees meeting, the school board approved the best and final bid for the artificial turf projects at Tom Landry Hall of Fame Stadium and Veterans Memorial High School Patriot Stadium.

The same contractor who Furnished The turf on the baseball and softball fields Mission CISD will also install the turf on the soccer fields – Hellas construction. Mission CISD and the Austin-based company are in the final stages of getting the documents in order before construction begins.

Total project cost for both areas is $1,568,488. Hellas was the only contractor to submit a bid. But they are also uniquely qualified for the job, having laid the turf for both Mission High School and Veterans Memorial High School football fields in 2014.

Hellas offered a repeat customer discount of $25,000 per field and they are participating in the Scoreboard partnership platinum package. The Company is paying an additional $5,000 for stadium advertising sponsorship for the new scoreboard at MHS Stadium, which was included in the contract negotiations.

When the district laid the turf in 2014, there was no padding under the grass. But for the new turf, each field will have a 14-millimeter G-max drain shock pad. Part of the final price negotiation was the upgrade from a 10mm G-max drain shock at no extra cost.

A Drain G-max Shock Pad is an additional support layer under the artificial grass that also helps with water drainage. It provides a safer playing surface and reduces downtime after heavy rains.

G-max is the measure of shock absorption at impact. Over the summer, Mission CISD hired Tait-Pitkin Sports Engineers behavior a G-max test on the fields of both high schools, in which the hardness of the surface is determined. The lower the G-max rating, the more energy the surface absorbs, meaning the player would feel less energy on impact on the pitch. A rating of 60 is considered soft, but one of Mission CISD’s soccer fields was registered with a rating of 200. Tait-Pitkin noted that the district needed to improve the turf after the 2022 football season to prevent injuries.

At Tom Landry Stadium, the new turf will support the Hall of Fame logo at the 50-yard line. In September, district leaders said they were unsure if Mission CISD were able to continue using the logo due to the informal nature of the original agreement made by the former Superintendent. However, Craig Verley, director of public relations and marketing, confirmed that MCISD has legal arrangements with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

The project was scheduled to begin in December and the contractor has 50 calendar days to essentially complete. The projects as a whole should last two to three months, and the district is hoping for minimal disruption to spring sports.


Ariel view of the Mission High School Lady Eagles softball fieldAt the November 9 school board meeting, the trustees approved a netting project for the baseball and softball fields at both high schools. Everyone gets new protective nets or fences, but only after the 2023 season.

According to Rick Rivera, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, the fields currently have less than required fencing area which provides limited coverage. The proposed project envisions a higher fence and netting system that extends further to each side or near each shelter, providing shelter for spectators in that area.

Additionally, the project will include a 3- to 4-foot pony wall as a backstop. The existing backstop is a plank wall, but the pony wall will be brick veneer with interior padding.

The estimated cost for all four areas, including project costs and design fees, is $520,700. Mission CISD will employ on-call civil engineer Miguel Chanin on the project.


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