Ne-Yo, Serayah and others star in BET+’s Christmas movie

The upcoming Christmas movie from BET+, The sound of Christmas, will arrive on the channel on Thursday 24th November 2022. The film revolves around a struggling music teacher and chronicles her relationship with a widower. The official synopsis of the film, according to the BET Press Room reads:

“A hapless music teacher leads a wealthy widower away from his gold-mining girlfriend and back to love and music during the Christmas break.”

The film stars Ne-Yo and Serayah in the lead roles along with many others in important supporting roles. The sound of Christmas is written and directed by Booker T. Mattison.

BET+ The sound of Christmas Cast List: Ne-Yo and others play key roles in the upcoming vacation movie

1) Ne-Yo as Quentin

Ne-Yo plays Quentin, a wealthy widower The sound of Christmas. Quentin’s life changes forever after his mother hires a live-in nanny for his two children.

Ne-Yo looks stunning in the trailer and fits his role effortlessly. He has acted in numerous shows and films over the years Hip Hop Family Christmas, They’re trying to kill us, climb upand Red Tailsto name a few.

2) Serayah as Montana

Serayah reprises the role of Montana in the film and looks pretty impressive in the film’s trailer as a struggling music teacher who begins working as a nanny for Quentin’s two children. Quentin eventually falls in love with her.

Apart from The sound of ChristmasSerayah is best known for her appearance in the popular musical drama series, Rich, where she played the role of singer Tiana Brown, for which she was highly praised by viewers and critics. Serayah’s other TV/Movie credits include Burning sand, Black mafia family, kingdom businessand True story.

3) Draya Michele as Chloe

Draya Michele plays Quentin’s girlfriend Chloe The sound of Christmas, with whom Montana shares a difficult equation. The two don’t seem to get along, and things get even more complicated after Quentin falls in love with Montana.

Draya Michele appears briefly in the trailer and is intended to portray a gray character in the film. Michele’s other memorable performances were in star, Everything in itUntil death do us partand many more.

Aside from Ne-Yo, Serayah and Draya Michele, the new Christmas movie also stars several other actors playing significant supporting/supporting roles such as:

  • Roxzane T Mims as Estelle
  • Aliyah Kai as Deirdre
  • Blake James as Daniel

Youtube cover

The Sound of Christmas’ The official trailer briefly reveals protagonist Montana’s struggles as a music teacher. She decides to work as a nanny at a millionaire’s house, which turns out to be a life-changing decision for her.

Based on the synopsis and trailer, fans can expect an emotionally and thematically rich holiday movie full of charming and likeable characters who deal with different kinds of struggles and challenges in their lives.

You can see the new holiday movie, The sound of Christmason BET+ on Thursday 24th November 2022.

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