Riot Games seems to be hiring for Valorant on consoles

A recent job posting from Riot Games shows an open position for Valorant on consoles, sparking further rumors that the game will go cross-platform.

Riot Games recently posted a job posting to be worked on Brave for consoles. There have been rumors in the past Brave would come for PlayStation and Xbox. This current listing seems to be a compelling clue.

First published in 2020, Brave has become one of the most popular competitive FPS games. Last year, Riot Games confirmed that Brave was on his way to the phone. It will reportedly be in the same format as its PC counterpart. This also raised questions about whether the game would be ported to other consoles.


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Previous job listings on Riot Games’ websites and datamined clues seemed to suggest so Brave on consoles happened. But their latest job posting for a game design manager for consoles is below Brave gave players a hint of what to expect. According to the job description, the Game Design Manager leads a team to develop the fight Brave on consoles and tasked with anticipating player needs across all relevant platforms. Although the job advertisement did not reveal which platforms Brave emphasizes that the game design manager must maintain the same design principles for the PC version and bring them to consoles.

Meanwhile, players have stated that they are willing to give it a try Brave once it comes out on consoles. Some are skeptical, bringing up the aim assist arguments among FPS players. While others don’t believe it Brave would thrive as a console game, quoting Counter Strike Global Offensive on the Xbox as an example.

Riot Games has gotten creative when it comes to making games for different platforms. His other mighty title, League of Legendshas an equally successful mobile version, League of Legends: Wild Rift. It also has several spin-off games, like the turn-based RPG Ruined King: A History of League of Legendsa fighting game known as Project L, and an untitled MMORPG. Well, that’s no surprise Brave would also get the multi-platform treatment.

While there is no news yet on whether Brave available for crossplay, players won’t stop raising concerns about features like aim assist potentially causing problems for players. This has been a discussion in gaming communities like Apex Legends and over watch. With a game like Brave Where mechanical skill is required, it would be interesting to see how players would adapt to controller gameplay. At the same time some Brave Fans are still waiting for a separate game that explores the lore, so developers could explore that as well.

Brave is now available for PC.

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