Thanksgiving Special 2022 – NBC Los Angeles

The annual tradition continues! Roggin’s Heroes Thanksgiving returns for our 11th year of Christmas with the best of the best.

Salute to the best high school football players in Southern California. Fred Roggin shares their stories of success and perseverance.

They’ve worked hard in the field and in the classroom, and now they sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor, greeted with hospitality from the Hilton Universal City.

Dozens of our alumni have played in the NFL, so chances are some of the young men at our table will one day play in the pros.

That includes the nation’s finest recruit, Malachi Nelson. The Los Alamitos quarterback has dreams of reaching the NFL. With his parents’ help and guidance, he’s one step closer to graduating high school and entering USC.

Some of our prep candidates are having a game of walkball in the middle of a hotel ballroom.

Dozens of former Roggin’s Heroes play at major colleges across the country. Perhaps the most successful Heisman Trophy winner is Bryce Young. He sent a message to help these athletes to the next level.

As our Roggin’s Heroes form a new football family, it is their immediate families who will drive and support them on their journey to success.

Unfortunately, family tragedy struck the inner circle of one of our guests. He dedicated the season to the memory of his loved one.

Collins Acheampong left his loved ones behind and embarked on a remarkable journey. He left Ghana in search of a different standard of success. He has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and received help along the way.

Our Thanksgiving continues. Heisman Trophy winner Bryce Young offers some advice. Also, one of our guests traveled halfway across the world to get to this point.

The Collins story continues. While success came in the form of several scholarship offers, both he and his host mother were met with major setbacks.

Another of our guests has the eye of the tiger. His footballing family helped mold him into a renaissance man. He really does everything!

Many of our athletes have broken new ground. Especially Bella Rasmussen.

She is the first high school football player to appear in Roggin’s Heroes Thanksgiving. And for a good reason!

Our resident Renaissance man brags and one prospect speaks of a terrible detour in his quest to find a better life for his family.

Each of these young athletes is trying to get better every day.

That day they were fed up. But there is always room for dessert!

It’s time for dessert! The Roggin’s Heroes class of 2022 bids farewell before being reunited with their families.

Like us, they ate all they could on Thanksgiving.

But they are still hungry for success on the football field.

We’ll watch them strive for greatness on college campuses across the country.

From our family to yours, Happy Roggin’s Heroes Thanksgiving!


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