The best bets on TV/Radio on Wednesday


American in Georgetown 9:30 am FS2

NC State vs. Kansas 10 p.m. ESPN

Dayton vs. Wisconsin 12:30 PM ESPN

Maui Fifth Place Game 12:30 pm ESPN2

Maui Championship 3 p.m. ESPN

Cancun Challenge TBD 4 p.m. CBSS

Arkansas-Little Rock in Indiana 16:30 BTN

Merrimack in Providence 5 p.m. FS2

Butler vs. Tennessee 17:30 ESPN2

Maui Seventh Place Game 5:30 PM ESPNU

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Jackson State in Michigan 6:30 p.m. BTN

Cancun Challenge TBD 6:30pm BTN

Fresno State vs. Washington 7:30 p.m. ESPNU

Third place game on Maui 8:00 p.m. ESPN2

Minnesota vs. UNLV 8:30 p.m. CBSS

Pepperdine at UCLA 20:30 Pac-12N

Saint Mary’s vs Vanderbilt 10pm ESPNU

Cal Baptist vs Southern Illinois 11pm CBSS

Notre Dame in Boston U. 3 p.m. ESPNU

Mavericks at Celtics 17:45 ESPN

Clippers at Warriors 8 p.m. ESPN

Coyotes at Hurricanes 5 p.m. BSAZ

Flyer at Capitals 5:30 p.m. TNT

Senators at Golden Knights 8 p.m. TNT

Morocco vs Croatia 3am FS1

Germany vs Japan 6am FS1

Spain vs. Costa Rica 9am Ch 11

Belgium vs. Canada noon Ch 11

Switzerland vs. Cameroon (Thu.) 3am FS1

State of Wichita at SMU 11 am ESPNU

Utah, Arizona 2pm Pac-12N

Tennessee in Alabama 6 p.m. SEC

USC in Washington 18:30 Pac-12N


Arizona at Maui Invitational TBD TBD 1290-AM

Arizona at Maui Invitational TBD TBD 107.5-FM

“Spears and Ali” 3 p.m. 1490 AM*

* 1490-AM is also broadcast on 104.9-FM

Channel routing: BSAZ is Bally Sports Arizona (channel 26 on Cox, channel 31 on Comcast, channel 686 on DirecTV) BTN is Big Ten Network (channel 320 on Cox, channel 272 on Comcast, channel 610 on DirecTV, channel 439 on Dish) CBSS is CBS Sports Network (channel 312 on Cox, channel 274 on Comcast, channel 221 on DirecTV, channel 158 on Dish) ESPN (Channel 24 on Cox, Channel 2 on Comcast, Channel 206 on DirecTV, Channel 140 on Dish) ESPN2 (Channel 25 on Cox, Channel 30 on Comcast, Channel 209 on DirecTV, Channel 143 on Dish) ESPNU (Channel 330 on Cox, Channel 266 on Comcast, Channel 208 on DirecTV, Channel 141 on Dish) FS1 is Fox Sports 1 (channel 27 on Cox, channel 32 on Comcast, channel 219 on DirecTV, channel 150 on Dish) FS2 is Fox Sports 2 (Ch. 341 on Cox, unavailable on Comcast, Ch. 618 on DirecTV, Ch. 397 on Dish) Pac-12A is Pac-12 Arizona (channel 75 on Cox, channel 103 on Comcast, not available on DirecTV, channel 409, channel 406 on Dish Hopper or contact Dish for channel information) Pac-12N is Pac-12 Network (channel 70 on Cox, channel 283 on Comcast, not available on DirecTV, channel 409 on Dish, channel 406 on Dish Hopper) SEC is SEC Network (channel 329 on Cox, channel 286 on Comcast, channel 611 on DirecTV, channel 408 on Dish) TNT (Channel 29 on Cox, Channel 36 on Comcast, Channel 245 on DirecTV, Channel 138 on Dish)


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