The best PlayStation 2 games of all time

This is what Snake fans have always wanted to see: a lone warrior prowling through the jungle, using every tool at his disposal to infiltrate an enemy base. The sheer volume of innovative ideas presented here is simply overwhelming. From using camouflage and healing individual body parts to capturing and eating native animals, Snake Eater embraced popular survival concepts long before they became popular. Fewer titles would easily fall apart with so many different ideas, but everything fits together so perfectly in Snake Eater that it ends up being one of the best games of all time.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you started playing games after 2001, you may never fully appreciate just how revolutionary it is Grand Theft Auto III was. Never before had a game allowed so much freedom in an open world and packed it into an adult-oriented storyline. But also the powerful GTA III feels like a rough draft compared to what Rockstar ended up creating san andreas.

Not even others GTA Games have even attempted to include three large, distinct and fully explorable cities, or showcased the sheer breadth of gameplay found here. Drive around, steal a boat and go swimming or fly up in a plane or even a jetpack. Then get your hair cut, go to the gym and eat fast food until you puke. All of that, and I haven’t even mentioned the 30-hour campaign, which features a twisted gangster story on par with a ’90s Hollywood blockbuster.

1. Personality 4

It’s not easy to make a 100+ hour JRPG that players will want to see through to the end, let alone one that will appeal to players who don’t typically play the genre. Somehow, developer Atlus delivered exactly that kind of experience with this PS2 classic that didn’t necessarily receive the love it deserved in its day.

person 4 is a crime thriller with a very enjoyable combat system, but you have to look beyond the game’s marquee elements to see what really makes it great. That’s because the real appeal of person 4 is the slower pace and relationship building. Yes, there’s an urgency to solving the Midnight Channel mystery, but you’ll actually spend most of your time attending high school, participating in extracurricular activities, and just getting to know your classmates better.

The result is an incredibly immersive experience that by the end feels like you’ve really met your friends and grown as a person. It’s an incredibly rare achievement in video game storytelling. There’s a reason so many people are looking forward to playing the upcoming remaster of this title. It’s that particular type of game that takes quite a while to beat and will stay with you that much longer.


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