The cheapest games in the GameStop database

GameStop usually has some great deals this time of year, but some might be surprised by the cheapest games listed in its database.

With the holidays approaching, many players are looking for great deals on cheap games. For those really tight on cash, checking out the bargain deals on GameStop’s website may be the way to go. The cheapest games currently in GameStop’s database may come as a surprise to many who expect the usual scoop ware to be greatly reduced for quick inventory disposal. In fact, there are some hidden gems that are worth delving into the depths of the discounted games to find.


Typically, GameStop is known for its used game deals, and many expect these to be the cheapest. Sorting through all of the DLC add-ons and in-game currency sold at GameStop, there are many used games that can be found for under a dollar. Outstanding achievements include Batman Arkham City for the Xbox 360 and God of War 3 for the PS3 – both are only $0.99. But as cheap as these games are, there are cheaper new games lurking at the bottom of the database.

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Doom Eternal-PC

Doom Eternal on Steam Deck

As GameStop tries to clear inventory in anticipation of the wave of games to come in the new year, some big titles of the last few years are on massive clearance discounts. The first of these games is eternal doom– one of the best releases of 2020. Surprisingly, the PC version of the game is currently priced at just $0.50. That such a big AAA game is so cheap is almost unknown. Unfortunately, given that it’s currently out of stock, many seem to have caught on to the deal fairly quickly. With boxed versions of PC games being hard to come by, it’s likely that the window to cash in on this deal is over.

Doom 3 VR – PS4

PS VR Release Date Software ID

Another game with the price tag is $0.50 Doom 3 VR for PS4. Originally released in 2004, Doom 3: BFG Edition received a remaster in 2019 and later a VR upgrade in 2021 that included the entire original game playable in VR. The mixed reviews seem to have hurt sales, however, as a year after release, a new physical copy of the game retails for $0.50. While it doesn’t appear to be available online, those dying to take advantage of this offer might be lucky enough to find it in person at their local GameStop store.

Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Rise of the Owlverlord – PC

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams Rise Of The Owllord

It would be quite difficult to guess the two cheapest games in GameStop’s database without any prior knowledge, as the games mentioned so far are a fairly well-known group. As for lesser-known titles, the $0.49 price is a digital PC code for Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – The Rise of the Owllord. This sequel to the action platformer indie title was released in 2013 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams from the developer Black Forest Games has relatively positive reviews. Despite the positive reviews, it’s a niche game from almost 10 years ago, which makes its price understandable.

PUBG: Battlegrounds Game Preview Edition – Xbox One

Cropped PUBG cover art

The overall cheapest game currently in GameStop’s database is PUBG: Battlegrounds Game Preview Edition for Xbox One priced at $0.48. This version of the game was released for Xbox One when the game was still in Early Access on PC in 2017. This edition gave players access to the game while it was still in development and upon release offered access to the full game with some extra goodies in. With PUGB: Battlegrounds With it going free-to-play this year, it’s no wonder this edition is so cheap. It’s also currently out of stock, so those looking to pick it up to collect may be out of luck.

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