THROWBACK THURSDAY – Highlights of the Landmark Association Christmas Tour of Homes

A holiday tradition is making a personal comeback for the first time since
pandemic this season. The Landmark Association Christmas Tour of Homes is
Returning to Bowling Green this Sunday December 4th. With eight historic houses
Featured on the tour, we’ll take you on a brief tour of what to expect at each stop.
With a history dating back to 1818, State Street Baptist Church is one of the
first stops on this self-guided tour around Bowling Green.

This historic church has also played several historic roles in the African American community.
Nearby is the nearest stop, 545 East Main Ave., which has been converted into a meeting place
Space and Air BnB. The house’s original red brick walls, built in 1885, help to identify this
Story. Visit the East Main BG website for more information about this home.

The new Meltdown Iced Cream & Soda Fountain in Fountain Square is another stop
on this tour. This is part of the oldest building in Fountain Square, the Quigley
Younglove Building, built in 1837, on the corner of Main and State Streets. meltdown
is the newest edition in the bustling heart of downtown Bowling Green.
The dormitory at 1318 Chestnut St. is a wonderful example of the colonial era
style, originally built in 1937. The original wooden floors of the house are present

And a bowling green house that was once featured in This Old House magazine is
another stop on the Christmas Tour of Homes. The house was located at 1303 State St
originally built in 1896 as an example of Queen Anne architecture. ex-mayor
Elaine Walker and her husband Dorian have renovated the house to his ornate
current condition.

The home at 933 Covington St. is another example of beautiful colonial style. Built-in
1938, much of the home’s historic charm remains and can be seen throughout the property

The next stop at 1520 Scottsville Road is a 1924 apartment building. Celebrations
Almost a century after its birth, the large area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis house is a rarity among the
neighborhoods to be visited.

The final stop on the tour is the former home of the late Jerry Baker at 4701
Morgantown Street. Built in the 1970s, this home is decorated with artwork from
across the globe. Its uniqueness derives from the fine art and decorative spaces
adorned with cultural pieces from around the world.

Tickets for the Christmas Tour of Homes are $10 each. The tour runs Sunday
December 4, 1-5pm Learn more about the Landmark
Club website and social media.


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