Vallejo Launches Rubex Portal to Provide Access to Public Records – Times-Herald

The City of Vallejo announced the launch of Rubex, a new electronic records management system aimed at making city ordinances, resolutions, agenda packages and meeting minutes easier for the public to access.

Vallejo uses Rubex to automatically organize and store city ordinances, resolutions, agenda packages, and meeting minutes. Community members can now seamlessly access files from Rubex through the system’s user-friendly interface. In a press release, the City of Vallejo said it “expects that the implementation of Rubex will also reduce the amount of staff required to process Public Records Act requests.”

“With the launch of Rubex, it’s easier than ever for community members to access the city’s records,” Vallejo City Clerk Dawn Abrahamson said in the same press release. “Given the City of Vallejo’s continued commitment to transparency, I’m proud to introduce this latest software enhancement and I look forward to seeing the community begin to use it.”

In order to access City files stored on Rubex, each user must select their file category: Minutes, Agenda, Ordinances and Resolutions. After making this selection, the user will be prompted to log in to eFileCabinet. Although both first and last name are required fields, users are welcome to enter their initials or create a unique alias if they do not wish to enter their name.

In order for users to continue, they must agree to the Terms of Service and Use. This consent is only requested after the first login. After logging in, users can use the search function to find the files or documents in the eAkte using keywords and phrases.

After finding the right document, there are several options for downloading the document. The user should either click the download icon, right-click and select Download, or click the ellipsis and select Download. A PDF file is then downloaded for the user to view the document.

After successfully downloading the document, the user needs to log out of Rubex to avoid any error messages. All the user has to do is select the menu button to display the drop-down list and then select Sign Out. If a user does not log out and later receives an error message, they should try to log in again with another unique alias.

For more information and to start using the Rubex Portal, please visit


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